Where's Waldo & What's In A Name? [Episode 2]

Updated: Aug 4

How a 10-day experiment in calling God “Waldo”

helped me begin a love affair with the God of MY understanding.

Other people’s “takes” of their own Alt. Higher Power.

Where’s Waldo, and how did I find God in him?

In a relentless effort to fill my personal God-Shaped-Hole, I’ve journeyed through a variety of faiths and soul seeking - from Synagogue to Catholic school to an Ashram, Wicca, shamanism, all the way to good ole JC. It wasn’t until I began my journey to a PERSONAL relationship with the unique God of MY understanding (a sort of Ms. Potatohead deity, whom I lovingly call "Waldo") that my vision of what is possible really began to expand and my access to uninhibited conversations about “The Divine” began. The interpersonal connections that my playful experiments of “God” have fostered are some of the most real, raw, and magical relationships I’ve ever known... and an unfiltered connection to myself is at the very top of that list!


Have you ever thought about the word “God?” How could one name possibly capture all that we mean when we speak of the God of our understanding.

No single word encompasses love, grace, kindness, devotion, determination, and power.

God, by any word, is still sweet.

In this episode, we unbox:

  • How Where’s Waldo gave me inspiration for my own personal higher power

  • Why a name doesn’t change the essence of “God”

  • What people around the world call their higher power

  • How we can find the right name for our own higher power

  • The reason names do not constitute knowledge


Wouldn't roses smell just as lovely if we called them anything else? 

The word doesn't make the scent sweet; it's the rose's essence to be fragrant. Is the word "God" holding you back from finding your higher power? You're not alone.

God is hiding from us. There are so many traditions, titles, and names we need to dig through to find the God for us. It's just like trying to find a needle in a haystack or trying to find Waldo in one of those Where's Waldo books. That's it – WALDO!

Remember, the name doesn't change the essence. God can be Waldo. If it helps you, then use it! When I call him Waldo, it makes me smile. I think “God” enjoys smiles. A silly experiment in naming the Divine is helping me explore a personal relationship with the unique “God” of my own understanding

Then, we hear from others and how they view their God-image. We need to have an open heart and open mind to seek out a power greater than oneself. The God of your understanding can be loving, forgiving, accepting, and grace-filled. 

Later, Amy S. reveals how she found her higher power. Amy struggled with the question: who is my higher power? When directly asked, Amy said “the universe”. However, it didn't feel just right. The world is massive, and Amy wanted to feel her higher power. After exploring, Amy found MoNA (MOon-NAture).

Stay tuned as we talk about Richard Feynman and why names do NOT constitute knowledge. If you know the name of something, it doesn't mean you know anything about it. Perhaps, instead of searching out the right name, focus on discovering the right qualities of “God“...

In This Episode...

[ 2:10 ] Why the word “God” may be holding you back

[ 5:35 ] Where’s Waldo? That’s it!

[ 7:25 ] How others view their God-image

[ 17:00 ] How Amy found her higher power

[ 21:45 ] Why Nicole calls her higher power God

[ 22:20 ] You don’t have to call God anything

[ 26:40 ] About Richard Feynman

[ 28:10 ] The qualities of God


  • ”I never felt that I could relax fully into the arms of a higher power and feel safe, protected, loved unconditionally, and without reservation.”

  • “Waldo is a pet name for my higher power that I can love, that makes sense.”

  • ”The name doesn’t change the essence. God can be no less ‘God‘ by me calling him ‘Waldo’.”

  • ”As a wave, I just need to pray and meditate to understand the ocean’s will for me and the power to carry that out.”

  • “‘God’ is shorthand for something much bigger.”

  • “I’ve stopped worrying about who or what God is. I spend my time trying to listen and asking how I can think and respond in the most honest, most compassionate, and healthiest way possible.”

  • “All faiths are rivers that are destined to merge into one great ocean.”


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