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The Hero's Journey - A Knowledge Checkpoint [BONUS 3]

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In this episode, McCall's 11-year-old son (Marley) explains The Hero's Journey as a lens through which we can all choose to view our challenges as brave adventures, while his dad (McCall's awesome hubby, Kyle) reflects and applies each stage of the monomyth to Star Wars. Then McCall and Marley debrief on why this can be such a helpful Knowledge Checkpoint in anyone's life adventures.

This week, on UnBoxing "God", we adventure through the Hero's journey. A helpful 'experiential framework' that immerses us in a world of fantasy and inspiration to learn about the main character structure and its story. Episode Summary:

Kyle and Marley, Our hosts of this episode, immerse you in a world of adventure and fun to get in touch with everything that is part of the hero's journey. Marley tells us step by step the elements that are part of this trip and how relevant they are to the stories and life itself. While Kyle is guiding us on this journey and applying in a great way the hero's journey into the iconic Star Wars universe. Join us to enjoy, learn, and live this adventure called the hero's journey. Join us to enjoy, learn, and live this adventure called the hero's journey.


[00.01 - 00.41] Introduction. [00.42 - 01.05] Step 1 - “The Ordinary World”: Marley describes the first step of the hero's journey and highlights that it is when the hero is in his normal and everyday world, Kyle tells us what that first step of the hero's journey is like in the world of Luke Skywalker and Star Wars. [00.56 - 01:31] Step 2 - “Call to Adventure”: Marley tells us about the “Call to Adventure” which is step 2 in the hero's journey and how a trigger marks the beginning of our hero's adventure, while Kyle exemplifies how the attack on the farm marks the beginning of the call to adventure of Luke Skywalker. [01:33 - 01:57] Step 3 - "Refuse of the call": Kyle and Marley tell us the third step of the hero's journey where he refuses and meditates taking the call to action before deciding to start an adventure. [01.58 - 02:23] Step 4 - "Meeting a Mentor": Our hosts bring us this stage where the main character meets his mentor who is the person who will guide and help him through the journey, they highlight that in Star Wars is exemplify in Obi-Wan Kenobi. [02.25 - 03:27] Step 5 - “Enter the special world”: This stage marks the exit from the ordinary world and the entrance to the special world of the hero's journey, it's going from a comfort zone to an unknown world. our hosts exemplify this change in Luke Skywalker's journey. [03.28 - 04:19] Step 6 - “Campers Meet Allies”: Our hosts describe this stage of the hero's journey where allies, enemies, and the obstacles that the character will have to face are shown. [04:20 - 05:37] Step 7 - “Approach to the Inmost cave”: This point is one of the highlights of the journey is when the hero begins to approach that main obstacle or main antagonist when he begins to face that conflict. Kyle tells us about this stage in which Luke Skywalker literally entered the cave. [05:39 - 06:55] Step 8 - “The big one”: Marley explains how this is the main battle between the protagonist and the main antagonist and tells us that it could be at the climax or after the climax. Kyle describes how this battle occurred 3 times in the Star Wars trilogy and how the character changed and grew. [06:55 - 08:28] Step 9 - “Reward”: Marley highlights at this stage that it is when the main character gets the reward, which can be internal or external, which stimulates the hero's personal growth. On the other hand, Kyle gives us an example applied to Star Wars. [07:53 - 08:28] Step 10 - “The road back”: Marley explains that in this stage of the hero's journey, the hero goes from the special world to the normal world. Marley and Kyle argue that this stage is not so marked in Star Wars and Luke Skywalker but that the end of the Hobbit is a very good example. [08:31 - 09:06] Step 11 - Resurrection: This stage shows the internal change in the hero, who is more powerful and confident, a rebirth of character. A transformation that is clearly shown in Luke Skywalker as he goes from farm boy to end up as a powerful Jedi master. [09.07 - 9:55] Step 12- “Returning the reward”: Marley highlights the meaning of returning the reward, which is to return what was obtained to the place where they were, the return to normality. [9:55 - 10:22] Closing and impressions about the hero's journey. [10.30 - 11:34] Anchor (Sponsor Ad) The easiest way to make a podcast ​[11.36 - 14:10] Final impressions of the episode - "We are all heroes".


  • “We are all heroes.”

  • “Books and movies are really easy ways to show the hero’s journey.”

  • “The person gets almost reborn in a way.”


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