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Sensing God [Episode 1]

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Today we will explore ways we might SENSE GOD. 

Think about it for a moment... have you ever seen fingerprints of a power greater than yourself in Nature and the landscapes (The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci’s Spiral)? Do you consistently notice repeating numbers around you and wonder if it might not be a God Wink?  How about HEARING God? Is there music or poetry that sets your soul on fire? Is their a voice in your life that cuts through the outside chatter and reaches deep into your heart? What SMELLS remind you of a power greater than yourself? Can you TASTE God?

Now, how about those with sensory impairments... might they have some secret "key" to a sort of ‘shared space’ with The Divine? Today, I ask that very question of an old childhood friend, who happens to be deaf.

In this episode...

McCall unboxes communicating with, and perceiving, “God” using ALL of our available Senses.

Gregory K, a childhood friend of McCall’s, who happens to be deaf, shares about his personal faith and answers McCall’s probing questions about how he “hears” God and what parts of the religion he grew up with still resonate. He explains his love for the beliefs that Wiccans have and shares the primary God, rather Celtic Triple Goddess, that he prays to.

Do people with sensory impairments have a greater, more sacred connection with God? Greg divulges his methods of praying, communing, how he imagines his Goddess’ voice to sound, and which of his senses is heightened.

Primal truths across the various faiths Greg has immersed himself in are shared and McCall gets candid about her intentions with this podcast. Plus, she shares some words of wisdom from Helen Keller and other writers.

Quotes and Moments...

“I’m a firm believer that my God and I share the language of coincidence, and my eyes and ears perk up when I start noticing coincidences, thinking maybe He/She/They/It has something They wanna tell me.”  - McCall

On this episode of Unboxing “God“, McCall explores the concept of communicating with a Higher Power through the senses. She brings on Gregory K, a friend of hers with hearing impairments, to share about his faith - what shaped it, what it looks like, and how he practices it. Greg started questioning his faith after his friend was molested by a religious teacher at the Catholic school where he and McCall met, but he never questioned his Christian values. After high school, he started exploring his own personal faith… and this is where it gets really interesting.

“My morals are certainly the same as any upright Christian would have, but I try not to be a hypocrite about it. I believe faith belongs to you and only you, because you know yourself, and what makes you feel safe in matters of faith.”  - Greg K.

McCall shares her intention of getting to know “God“ without all of the preconceived notions that are pushed on us by organized religions, parents, culture, and media. She expresses her resonance with Helen Keller and offers quotes that seem to bring out her “faith“ from various books and writers.

“One primal truth that connects both the Christian faith and the Celtic Gods and Goddess’, is to love one another and support each other no matter what your faith is or your creed… because at the end of the day, we are all children of the Great Spirit, no matter what we call our God or Goddess.”  - Greg K.

Episode Timeline

00:14 – Introduction & intentions

01:30 – How do we sense and communicate with God?

02:46 – Introducing faith, sensory impairments, and Gregory K.

04:14 – Words about faith from Greg

07:51 – McCall has some questions!

10:04 – How do you pray and speak to God? How do you meditate and hear God’s voice? Do you think there is a sacred connection that you have with God since the world is muted for you?

12:03 – What parts of the religion that you were raised with still resonate with you?

14:06 – How to send feedback and get in touch with Unboxing God

14:44 – Harper Jo (McCall’s teenage daughter) raves about our sponsor, Anchor

15:52 – Resonating with Helen Keller and other writers

19:02 - Outro

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