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Help us make Pro-Podcasts + open SheShed Sound Studio, to help others create shows too!

CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT, by donating financially, leaving words of encouragement, +/or sharing with your network!

If you care about recovery (specifically those of us who love addicts/alcoholics &/or struggle with codependency) please consider donating as much as you possibly can. Every dollar will be used to soundproof and convert our Tuff Shed into SheShed Sound Studio!

Just imagine the kind of content that a network of Los Angeles-based recovery folks could create with access to a professional-ish sound recording space PLUS the support, encouragement and help of one another!?!

Listen to the UnBoxing "God" Podcast

Co-Create with Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom (and great sound!)

NOTE: If COVID has crippled you financially - We get it. Please give even $1.00 - seeing new supporters join us is just as encouraging as the amount of money we raise! If you share this campaign, far and wide, with your own words of personal encouragement... you never know what could happen.

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