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Halloween Special (w/Brother Matthew Paul)

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

A special Trick and (several) Treats from Brother Matthew Paul... on the REAL DEAL of Halloween.  

Drop all of your preconceptions before listening, cuz I bet this is not at all what you'd expect to hear. Especially coming from a “Religious Brother” of Catholicism.

From the history of trick or treating and dressing in costumes, to the merging of many holidays into a harvest filled bounty of celebration that many folks may know, Brother Matthew Paul talks druids, Wicca, Catholicism, and The Order of The Bards, Ovates, & Druids. He shares his own Dominican order’s reverent practice of honoring their families and ancestors, but especially their dead. Learn the truth about Samhain, Neopaganism, Purgatory, All Souls’, Guy Fawkes - from Saints to Satan, Brother Matthew Paul leaves no caldron untipped (or pumpkin uncarved) in this fantastic expose of a really wonderful holiday!

As always, friends, things are precisely what you make of them.



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