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Development of Self + Inherited Trauma (Episode 9)

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

This week, McCall begins the process of unboxing the “fractured self”, childhood and intergenerational trauma, and Epigenetics.

The exploration includes three guests: Cherish Asha Bolton (from Episode 8, where she also discussed the psyche, self, and soul) guides us through the “fractured self”; Margot Schrader briefs us on the Internal Family Systems model and intergenerational trauma; and Jessica Ferretti introduces us to somatic healing.

This dialogue challenges listeners to ponder, “What traumas am I carrying that I may not be aware of and how can I start to heal?”



  • [4:17] The ACE Quiz, Hilit Kletter

  • [6:16] Cherish Asha Bolton and her work centering around adoptees and the “fractured self”

  • [9:12] Discussion of personal trauma and “loss of self”

  • [13:19] Margot Schrader and her work involving the Internal Family Systems model

  • [16:26] Discussion of IFS and the 8 C’s

  • [18:43] Hypervigilance and “reading” people

  • [19:52] Tracy Bale’s studies on epigenetics and intergenerational trauma in mice

  • [23:31] Cherish Asha Bolton discusses unconscious trauma

  • [24:57] Margot Schrader’s parents’ trauma, including her father’s survival of the Holocaust

  • [27:59] Discussion of our parents’ trauma and how that affects their children

  • [30:16] Discussion of stopping the cycle of trauma

  • [34:39] “Fake it ‘til you make it” and the struggle to find yourself

  • [35:53] Jessica Ferretti and her work involving trauma and somatic work through massage therapy

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