Celia's Story [BONUS 11.1]

Updated: Sep 22

Born and raised in India. Worked on The Human Genome Project. In a loving arranged marriage, with a terrific daughter, a deep abiding Faith in God, and a sense that HE was a SHE from a very early age. This is Celia Daniels' Story!

This week, McCall delves into conversation with Celia Sandhya Daniels, who opens up about their life: Growing up a Christian boy in India; loving God, but hating the "girl inside"; an arranged marriage, to an incredible woman; coming out as transgender; and her struggles through depression and suicidality, in coming to terms with who God designed her to be - for the world... and who God created him to be - for his treasured wife & daughter.

*Trigger warning: This story talks about molestation, sexual assault, and suicide ideation and behavior.


  • “my gender wasn't doing justice to my anatomy…” -- Celia Daniels [03:00]

  • “...it was confusing. It's still sometimes... confusing. Because living as a gender queer person, between both genders, is hard. And I did that only because I wanted my family.” -- Celia Daniels [41:00]

  • "...Because socially, I had transitioned - people know me as Celia everywhere! Even at work, I'd come out of Celia. But, there was a Daniel part, just for my family. And it's still there.” -- Celia Daniels [44:38]

  • “I believe that sometimes God makes us uniquely. God didn't just make man and woman, God made people who are blind. God made people who are disabled. God made people who are like me. God made trans people.” -- Celia Daniels [46:00]

  • "When I was young, I lived in doubt. And I lived in denial. And then I found discovery - I was discovering myself. And now, I've found my destiny. I know what I want to do.” -- Celia Daniels [49:39]

  • “I can tell you: I'm alive today because God wanted me to survive this far. People like me, who are struggling in faith... People like me who have been kicked out of the church - have hope. God is always there!” -- Celia Daniels [50:00]

Recommended Resources


  • [05:02] Dad converted to Christianity

  • [06:37] “I knew I had a choice between right and wrong” / Wearing a skirt to the beach

  • [08:00] God didn’t make a mistake?

  • [08:47] Molestation

  • [09:58] More molestation and self-destruction

  • [11:06] The security guard incident

  • [13:23] The suicide attempt

  • [17:15] Hijras: The in-between Gender / “I am You”

  • [19:46] Types of trans

  • [20:30] The social attitude toward hijras / Guru nanis

  • [23:23] Human Genome Research Project: “Is my body wrong?”

  • [24:17] The Devil is keeping me from God

  • [24:50] I love women!

  • [26:43] Looking for biblical answers

  • [29:10] Coming to the U.S.

  • [30:17] Coming out to my wife

  • [31:05] The Christian gay counselor

  • [31:53] Trans Night at the gay bars

  • [34:31] Acceptance

  • [35:43] Coming out at church / in the news

  • [39:00] Daughter discovers Celia

  • [40:13] Two different lives

  • [41:47] “Do what’s good for you, Dad”

  • [43:48] “I didn’t sign up for this…”

  • [45:53] God made me this way


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