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"ARRANGED" MARRIAGE - India, Gender Rules + Roles [Ep. #11.2]

Arranged marriage... what reaction does that term incite in you?

This week, we’re delving into Indian marriage: who has arranged ones and can people be happy in them? McCall and Cass have conversations with Celia Daniels, an Indian trans woman in a heterosexual arranged marriage; Monique, an Indian Australian woman who opted to have a non-arranged marriage; and Manpreet, a Punjabi woman who opted to marry a fellow Sikh.


  • [02:22] Reminder: Who is Celia Daniels?

  • [03:02] Celia Daniels on Indian, Christian, Arranged Marriage

  • [07:04] Celia on her duality as womxn and husband/father

  • [08:35] McCall + Cass on arranged marriage

  • [09:11] Who participates in arranged marriages? Where did this idea come from?

  • [12:01] Types of arranged marriages

SPONSOR AD [15:23-16:30]

  • [16:30] "Moonies'" Unification mass-ceremony arranged marriages

  • [20:40] Love is Blind…?

  • [22:13] Divorce + statistics, in the U.S.

  • [24:00] The caste system - in the U.S, too….?

  • [24:47] Is arranged marriage like the show “Married at First Sight”?

  • [27:20] Introduction to Manpreet in Punjab

  • [27:47] Manpreet on arranged marriage

  • [28:21] Monique's happy marriage

  • [30:29] Monique on gender roles in India

  • [34:52] What’s to come, Cass?


  • [19:27] “The mirror of love is blind. It makes zucchini into okra.” --Arabic saying

  • [29:04] "I don't think it's the things that keep you together... It's when things go bad, and they're not enough to break you apart... that's when you know that it's a good relationship." --Monique Kalmar

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