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(A sort of Electronic Press Kit, or "One Sheet")

Extra Info about McCall + UBG: Services


     UnBoxing “God” is the brainchild of McCall Bennett-Lawrence, who (as the only, adult child of a chronic alcoholic, single mother with a fresh Traumatic Brain Injury, that just moved in with her and her family) found herself back in 12 Step recovery rooms and therapy, trying to overcome her preconceived negativity associated with “God” and even “Higher Power”.

     This show is cheaper than therapy, and affords her the opportunity to 'UnBox' challenging concepts with a wide range of resources, opinions, and guests. This show is NOT an attempt to find an answer, but rather an effort to find synchronicity... between all faiths and none!

     We pull the common threads and weave wonder into a science-based skeptic’s life... Using philosophy, psychology, neurology, theology, history and personal experiences, plus a lot of Wikipedia!

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