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A podcast of uninhibited spiritual exploration for the sake of personal recovery.

Every other week, McCall, along with folx she meets along the way, will dig into a complex topic (with ‘deep dive’ bonus episodes in between) from esoteric concepts like the Self and Soul, to the principals of Stoicism and 12-Step Recovery. 

Here’s hoping we can all keep an open mind, leave our judgmental preconceptions behind, and discover some divine fingerprints of Truth together. Hopefully you will pick up a few ‘less than traditional tools’ that encourage you to experiment with living a less encumbered life. Take what you like... and leave the rest.

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$3 or $12/month unlocks special access

It's a win-win-win opportunity here, folks... if you can afford it, just a few bucks a year will enable US  to continue making this podcast (not only do we not make $, but we SPEND a ton on various monthly subscriptions to tools). Plus,YOU get instant access to an ad-free podcast feed, AND all kinds of UBG bonus materials - from Live Video calls where listeners can bring any topic or situation that they personally struggle with and the hosts (and special guests) will "unbox" it from their own perspectives, using their specific experience and knowledge base.

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And, why am I hosting this podcast?

This show is my “clearing”... part of my trying to “recognize and greet my song”.
     Growing up, as the only child of an alcoholic mom, trained me to be hypervigilant, reactive, manipulative, and controlling at a very young age. I somehow “caught” many of the symptoms of addiction: Obsession, Anxiety, Anger, Denial, feelings of Guilt, and an overwhelming sense of being Terminally Unique. 

     Most of my life has been a series of explorations into therapies, faiths, philosophies and 12 step recovery programs, but I am finally ready to find the “God of my understanding” and fall in love with a Higher Power that can, and will, “restore me to sanity” - even if I have to call Him/Her/It/Them “Waldo”, just for today.

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